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Cost efficient professional Accounting, Finance and Technology to save you money. Maybe your business is at a level where you want high level experience but are restricted by budgets or recruiting or other resources. Sometimes full-time employees with the right experience are hard to find. Without the right employees growth and next level change are more difficult.

We can staff and manage Finance and Technology information systems to keep your company moving forward and strong.

We identify and implement solutions designed to:
 + Install outsourced experts to enhance your team
  Need an Accountant, Controller, CFO - what if you could save benefits cost, payroll taxes and pay for only what you need?
 + Improve business information systems
  Financial, sales support, inventory and operations, Internet
 + Compile financial results after a period of change
  Project accounting, period and annual statements, ratios, budgeting
 + Computer Tech experts to keep your business running
  Networking, Backups & Purchase Recommendations
 + Deploy new technologies that improve throughput
  Customer/Vendor communications, wireless, web integration
 + Perform business valuation and M&A services
  Presale & prepurchase planning and evaluation, valuation for future financing or exit, investment banking cooperation



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