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Business1001 uses resources of highly skilled individuals in your required area of Finance & Technology. Our group size is adjusted based upon the number of active projects, which reduces significantly any excess overhead expense saving you money.

Our priority one objective is to provide to you solutions that help make your operations more organized, more efficient and more informative to management to ADD NET PROFIT.

Some specific projects we have completed:
 + Lighting Distributor - Business Systems Project
  Researched, Planned and Deployed a new business system which now runs 100% of all POS, backordering and product warehousing saving hundreds of hours and proving valuable information to management.
 + Software Company - Divisional Separation
  Worked with Accounting & Finance execs to compile year-old accounting information to separate multi-divisional financial information for the purposes of divesting one division for sale to another company.
 + Builder / Contractor - Technology Improvement Project
  Complete assessment report and suggestions, then deployed for improvements to network that would reduce risk of failure, install wireless communications and organize customer project data.
 + Small Software Developer - Outsourced Controller
  Installed outsourced Controller to manage ALL aspects of company Admin operations including: Accounting & Finance, HR and information systems to correspond to parent company in Australia.
 + Public Company - Investment Banking Financial Packaging
  Assembled and organized historical financial information and future projections to complete a detailed package for Investment Bankers to use with prospective buyers of this company.
 + Web site / Unique Program Development
  Developed numerous unique timekeeping applications, bid programs, and web sites. These projects range from small custom excel programs desiged to improve productivity to large integrated database projects that serve as departmental business systems.



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